Digital NEGATIVE scanning service


Shawnee Technologies LLC  fast, economical negative scanning service is the best way to get your old photos into the digital realm.  We scan your negatives at high resolution while using Digital ICE dust and scratch removal.  Our professional artists and photographers then manually color and exposure correct each image one by one.  You get clean, bright images that look like they were shot yesterday.  .


 Each image is evaluated by our skilled technicians before scanning even takes place. They look at the quality of your original photo and make intelligent, experienced decisions about how to get you the best results possible. Sometimes this means that we will scan the same photo several times to extract the best possible image.


 Included With Each Negative Scan:

1Digital ICE Dust and Scratch Removal

2 Rotating the image to the proper orientation

3 Image-By-Image correcting of exposure problems 

4 Image-By-Image correcting of color problems where possible